Supervision for Hypnotherapists

Group Supervision sessions (dates below) are available via Zoom please email me if you wish to take part and I will send you joining details. 1:1’s are available via Zoom, Skype or telephone (0774 389 5513)

Clinical Supervision is a requirement for membership of the major hypnotherapy organisations and is generally regarded as essential to the provision of effective therapy.  For those who have recently qualified there is often confusion as to exactly what supervision is and why it is so important to good practice.  Using a solution-focused approach I work in partnership with therapist, eliciting their strengths and resources.

What is supervision?
Supervision is a structured support system that encourages the therapist to focus on their abilities, learning and strengths. Helping the therapist to notice what works – their skills, abilities creative idea when working with their clients.  Striving for best practice in therapeutic practice, supervision maintains professional, ethical boundaries of time place etc, as well as appropriate accountability and care for clients.

How often is supervision needed?
This can vary according to your length of time in practice and which association you are a member of. AfSFH expects each member to attend six sessions of Supervision per year. (A session being defined as either a three hour group session, one hour one to one session, face to face, Skype, telephone or it can be made up of smaller sessions with a cumulative total of 1 hour).

Individual requirements can be discussed and arranged.
Group, 1:1, Telephone, Zoom and Skype sessions are available.
Telephone, Zoom and Skype sessions may be broken down into smaller sessions.  Once the cumulative total is 1 hour it is considered a full session and will be charged as such.


Location 1
Group Sessions: 1:1 in person, telephone or via Zoom
(1:1’s can also be booked by appointment)
The Clifton Practice
8-10 Whiteladies Road
Location 2 – Wednesdays only
1:1 or up to 3 people
Therapy Health & Beauty Clinic
Yate Leisure Centre
South Glos
BS37 4DQ
Cost per Group Session: £30
Cost per 1:1 Session = 1 hour face to face/telephone/zoom: £40
Cost per Group Session: £30
Cost per 1:1 Session = 1 hour face to face/telephone/zoom: £40
Group Session Dates 2022
21 Jan – Fri
25 Feb – Fri
25 Mar – Fri
29 Apr – Fri
6 May – Fri
24 Jun – Fri
22 Jul – Fri
12 Aug – Fri
23 Sep – Fri
21 – Oct – Fri
25 – Nov – Fri
By appointment only
If you would like a small group session please call to make arrangements.
AM : 10am/1pm
Online booking : please see below
Sessions at the Yate Clinic are by appointment only. Please call 0774 389 5513.

Supervision Record Template for you to download: Supervision Record Template

Online Booking for The Clifton Practice

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